Lightweight Assets Management System
for Data Center and Back Office

  • keep track of assets purchases and their life cycle
  • flexible flow system for assets life cycle
  • data center and back office support
  • dc visualization built-in

It is an Open Source project provided on Apache v2.0 License.


It doesnt' do deployment. It doesn't do cloud. It manages your precious infrastructure information. Customize it easly using pluggable 'actions' system, assets custom tabs, tags and storing custom objects.

Easy to use

We've choosen the best features of DCIM, Asset Mgmt and CMDB systems to create one, easy and well integrated system. One interface is easier than 3.


Fork us on github!. It is Apache 2.0 Licensed software and yes, we accept patches :)

online demo (login: ralph, password: ralph)

Download Ralph 3 here

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