After many months of development, we make Raph 3.x accessible to everybody.

Raph 3.x breaks with Ralph 2.x compatibility, bringing many advantages:

  • well integrated, and easy to use system(one assets view with pluggable tabs, menu)
  • no more assets-core dualizm, one data model
  • extremely simple interface without separate admin/ user interface
  • rewritten in Python 3.x, and Django 1.8
  • new workflow system
  • new import/export system
  • undo functionality
  • much improved dc visualization
  • per-field, flexible permissions system
  • pdf generation rewritten as a simple to install microservice
  • quick-search field
  • other improvements

Note: We don’t provide scan and costs-related functionality yet. It’s the subject of Ralph 3.1 to come.

All beta-testers are welcome ! Installation instructions